Monday, March 7, 2011

many bites

Sometimes you're feeding a lot of people. What food do people like? In this case, the party was a group of teenagers - I had to be create a diversity of food that would appeal to most. Now that I look at it, bread has a lot to do with party food. Bread makes things easy to handle and allows for a lot of flavour in a small package.

The menu, if I remember correctly, was

  • Mini burgers with balsamic-glazed red pepper / onion compote
  • Chicken curry baguettes
  • Arancini with mozzarella and tomato sauce
  • Goat cheese and roasted vegetable galettes

This was a few years ago, but it's still food that i would enjoy today, although I may have evolved in terms of presentation and portion size. The fervor in the kitchen was uplifting and helped me really grow a fondness for team work in the kitchen. A lot can be accomplished.

Arancini are great. But, as I learned, best served warm unless modified slightly to include a couple of additions. If the pieces were cut diagonally, topped with a small piece of tomato which has been soaked in olive oil and garlic, with salt and pepper. Put a skewer through it and I think it could be a winner. 

Bread. So simple, so humble, so good. 

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