Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Plates that make me happy

This always puts me in a good place. Green curry with baby eggplants at Pataya, which is still one of my favourite places to eat in Kuwait. I know I have reviewed some restaurants in Kuwait and my opinion of some have changed since I wrote about them, but not Pataya. Pataya beach remains strong to this day.

The green curry is aromatic and, to me, the viscosity of the coconut milk and its reaction to the rice is vital and, here, done just right. The grains should remain distinct, each coated with a soft thick film of curry. The eggplants and chicken should be properly cooked to be soft yet distinct. Hints of holy basil and lemongrass uplift the dish, especially if it's a bit spicy. This is a dish i could eat often, very often.

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