Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Asian desserts - Malaysian / Singaporean

In Rasa Sayang, Chinatown, London, I had some remarkable food. While a bit disappointed with their beef randang, I had a great spicy vegetable and tofu curry and a great sago dessert.
The sago was served clumped in a cup with condensed milk and a strong coffee syrup. It capped the spicy meal very well. As I broke up the sago and let them float in the sweet coffee / milk, i was entranced in the ritual, i couldn't stop.

I don't know why I'm fascinated with asian desserts these days. It started in Japan, in Kyoto. i saw some strange looking green tea wobbly things. I tried one and I was hooked, it made sense for a dessert not to be that sweet, to be made of elements that I would expect in a salty dish. I then fell in love with thai coconut milk and sticky rice desserts, chinese dumplings with sesame and ginger, and I continue to explore and learn.

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