Thursday, February 23, 2012

More plates that make me happy

There are quite a few steakhouses in Kuwait, most of them are fairly decent sometimes. The Terrace Grill at JW Marriott is, to me, the most consistent. Plus they have something that makes me generally happy and that is venison. Although a few days ago, and a few other times i've been, they've been out of stock of the venison, they stated that the supplier didn't supply. When they don't have venison, I like their steak more than the other places, but if the venison is in stock, then the venison is what I go for.
Perfectly grilled to a nice medium rare, served with the sauces and sides you'd expect from a good steakhouse, the venison makes my day. It's tasty, has a beautiful flavour that I enjoy perhaps more than beef... i could eat this very often.

UPDATE: since I posted this, venison has been removed from the menu at the Terrace Grill due to inconsistent sourcing from vendors. dammit.

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