Thursday, August 5, 2010

a start

Dear readers,

Welcome to my blog. Here, i will focus on eating and cooking mostly in Kuwait. The content is not simply related to dining experiences, which I will cover, but it will also include discussions on ingredients, seasonality, cooking techniques and other issues both local and global that emerge.

Food is obviously essential to our existence, but when we say "this food is good" and "i'm not eating that," we are imparting our judgment, which is one of the most subjective and personal opinions that we form. There are various levels of judgment related to one's opinion on food, most of which are formed by contextual socialization and personal point of view (the classic nature vs nurture dilemma.) We all have our limits - it is true that each of us has a unique set of taste receptors and that our equally unique body chemistry may dictate what we like and what we don't. Some of us will say that something is too salty while others will say that it needs more salt; some like coffee, others like tea; some like seafood, some don't.

so what is good food? I'm not quite sure that I can define it from the onset, I hope a notion will emerge as a culmination of our discussions. But this is my blog and I will assure you that I will try to approach my postings and reviews with a critical point of view, leaning towards what i think good food is. My criticisms usually draw out both the good and the bad. Also, my interests in food are very deep and wide. I enjoy eating it, I enjoy cooking it then eating it, i like to read and study about it and I am very interested in what others have to say about it. I hope that this effort can be fruitful for us all.

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