Tuesday, August 17, 2010

iron chef battle sushi

Iron chef plays a huge role in my understanding of food. From ingredients and their creative combination to composition of plates and meals, I owe a lot to the cumulative information I gained after watching almost every battle that took place in kitchen stadium. I keep on referring to the show when i come across new ingredients available to me - such as chinese taro potatoes that I saw in the chabra the other day. I do have to say that I do not like the american implementation of iron chef where the chairman of the gourmet academy's 'nephew' takes over as MC. The japanese show does not require the chefs to produce five dishes - sometimes too much is too much... the food is the focus in the japanese version, not as social as the american version.

This sushi battle represents a dichotomy between the challenger's traditional edo-style sushi and iron chef morimoto's modern sensibilities. From the way the eel is flavoured to the way kelp is used, the fundamental essences of the food, and what works best for and with them, are maximized by using modern techniques and flavours. The you tube video is part one of five.

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