Monday, January 17, 2011

Vegan apologies

I have not been the most active blogger for the last few months. I started the blog as an experiment and have been thinking of ideas on how to make it more effective. Look out for a restaurant review soon of a place I've heard much about and am eager to try.
The last few months have been a culinary experiment for myself. I've been mostly vegan. Judging by the content of this blog I know that it's not expected, but it's been a good change for myself. Along with a lot more exercise, I'm feeling much better. I've reached a point, though, that maintains a mostly vegan diet, with the exception of when I feel like having something else. Like a piece of cheese or a nice juicy steak. At the end of the day, I'm listening to my body. I've honestly been afraid of disappointing you, my fellow readers, with food that you may typify as boring. I have to disclaim right now that my vegan trials have had no political background and are simply for the sake of making myself feel better. And it has, for the most part, worked... with the exception being when I feel like something else. But in truth, I can't consume the same quantities of non-vegetables as before.
What it has done, however, is forced me only to eat food of the quality that I envisage. And it's made me try even harder to perfect the techniques for cooking some of the basics. The other day I felt like having a steak. I was in fact craving it. I cooked it sous-vide, where it is cooked in a vacuum-packed pouch in a water bath at the temperature I wanted the steak cooked to. It was just cooked less than medium, the flesh was beautifully red and some of the marbling remained. But i wasn't completely satisfied. That steak should have been medium rare, cooked at around 130 F, instead of the 135-140 that I had cooked mine. I've become more picky.
And for that I'm really happy. I've stopped 95% of processed foods, i can't help but use condiments, soy sauce, (organic) ketchup... it's been much better.
So in the spirit of all things good, I will relaunch my blog with full interest of developing what I consider good food.

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